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Bio media

Noras honeycomb bio media

Is used to provide a compact design which is a fraction of the size of a conventional suspended activated sludge system due to its high surface area. It is easy to upgrade to increase treatment capacity by simply increasing the filling fraction of the biofilm carriers. It is mostly designed for a single pass process without any return as it is the requirement in an activated sludge system. The attached biofilm on our media is very loaded responsive and more reliable under load fluctuations.


Honeycomb bio-media has a surface area of 1200 m2/m3 and has been designed to avoid clogging easily.

Our media ensures increased operational efficiency by using a smaller footprint. These media are designed for use in both municipal and industrial applications. Maintenance downtime and power consumption are reduced due to its design for dynamic movement in the wastewater. Our media offers flexible and economical designs with significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX. We offer solutions that make the advanced separation of solids more effective regarding BOD and Nitrogen removal. Our continuous research programs help to position us to be an important player in offering green solutions in the world.

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